Zach - 

"Right away, your passion for results and the process was evident, and we found a good rhythm of working hard and having fun while grinding out form and function. This became a big part of why I consistently wanted to MAKE the time and work toward lasting results rather than quick fixes. Once my job started to really take up most
of my time again, you worked with me to find the time and make it happen around the hectic schedule."

Paul - 

"I can now perform five pull ups where before it was none.My bench press form is now correct and I actually feel like working my chest.Deadlifts form has become near perfect where before the exercise was a write off.I am feeling the correct muscles when I perform and improve my squats"

Michelle -

"I’d had three personal trainers and or 12 week programs prior to meeting Strong Jon.  I didn’t see the results that I wanted and or that I was promised.  Strong Jon is refreshingly realistic with what can be done and very practical and specific about what has to happen in order to meet goals.  I appreciate Jon’s breadth of knowledge and his ability to contemplate, discern and outline next steps that will lead to success."

•lost 10+ pounds

•toned arms, legs, back,

•improved energy level

•modified diet to coincide with overall goals

•remained consistent